The Learning LAB | Why Organic Potting Soil Matters

The Learning LAB | Why Organic Potting Soil Matters

Good Earth Organics | Why organic potting soil matters

According to a recent Medicinal Genomics Corporation report, "Microbial contamination on products represents one of the most significant threats to consumers, particularly immunocompromised patients who could develop harmful infections." Good Earth Organics (GEO) produces and markets premium organic potting soils and nutrients, specially formulated to maximize flower growth. 

Here is why growing with organic soil matters: 

  • Safety | The plant is adept at absorbing chemicals and metals from its root system. Because it is important that plants be free of chemical, inorganic, and synthetic elements that can cause harm. 
  • Sustainability | When growing organically, the surrounding water, soil, and biodiversity are unharmed. 
  • Quality As legal consumption becomes more popular and the business  increases, consumers expect higher quality products. Organic offers consumers an improved flavor and quality, with enhanced potency.  
  • RegulationLegal sales are expected to grow more than 200% from 2017 to 2022. Plants grown for resale, however, must meet strict state testing requirements for purity. 

GEO has earned organic certifications from both OMRI & Clean Green (independent certifiers that test and approve soils for organic growing). 

The GEO team has grown up in the Emerald Triangle and have combined decades of growing organic gardens of toxin-free plants. Shop GEO Soils, Amendments, Fertilizers and more!

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