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Partnerships Make Mission Possible House a Success

In just over one year since the non-profit Mission Possible was formed, director Daphne Cortese-Lambert is amazed at how quickly the organization’s grand vision is coming to fruition.

Even the organization's latest project — the Aug. 16 installation of a therapeutic vegetable garden at their new homeless women’s transition home Mission Possible House — drew more volunteers than she could have hoped for.

“I was amazed by the turnout,” Cortese-Lambert said of the 40 total volunteers who helped out throughout the day. “In the middle of a pandemic, when everyone is so shut in, this shows their humanity and the community coming together.”

Cortese-Lambert attributes Mission Possible’s success to the numerous partnerships behind its programs. For example:

• First Baptist Church donated the home and land for Mission Possible House.

• Ace Hardware donated all the materials to build raised vegetable beds.

• Good Earth Organics donated 10 cubic yards of Zen blend soil.

• The Children’s Garden at the Family Resource Center helped design the space.

• Elkhorn Herbals and Wild River’s Permaculture Guild donated vegetable starts.


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