The Responsibility of Companies to Further Equality

The Responsibility of Companies to Further Equality

Currently, in the industry, we find ourselves in a unique position. We are at an important crossroads of policy changes, advocacy efforts, and business opportunities. Within the dynamics of legalization, certain people seized new market openings, while others scramble to get a foothold in the business. 

As legal business continues to normalize, we must ask ourselves whether the industry affords everyone equal opportunities. While certain U.S. states have established social equity programs within their laws, many people don’t feel it is enough to correct the current imbalances. 

Charitable Efforts & Business Groups 

While state-mandated social equity programs are a big step forward, there is still a lot of work to do. To this end, modern professionals have taken it upon themselves to start dialogues about social equity. Even more, these people have branched out to join nonprofit groups and business organizations which promote social change in the industry. 

Some noteworthy groups include:

  • Last Prisoner Project
  • Minority Business Association (MCBA)
  • Veterans Project 
  • Women Grow 

Last Prisoner Project is a particularly impactful nonprofit that seeks to overturn unjust convictions. Their team is composed of lawyers and legal experts – the organization also enjoys support from such icons as Jim Belushi and Steve DeAngelo. For their part, Women Grow spreads the message of equality in by empowering females. They are focused on connecting different women in the space to create powerful alliances. 

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