Fertilizer: TRIO VEG-BLOOM-BRIX Starter Kit of Organic Fertilizers in 1.25 lbs sizes.

1.25 lb
Size: 1.25

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THE GEO TRIO of VEG-BLOOM-BRIX - Free shipping in the US!

Good Earth Organics’ VEG, BLOOM, and BRIX work together as a 3-step nutrient feeding system for distinct stages of plant growth.


  • Gives plants a great start in their green growth cycle.
  • Delivers vigorous vegetative growth.


  • Supports strong bud and stem growth as well as fruit & flower density
  • Optimal release of phosphorus and potassium that propels fruits and flowers into their ripening and blooming stages. 


  • Advances ripening & sweetening, driving bountiful yields! 
  • Enhances flavor and terpene profiles maximizing the taste and smell of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Good Earth Organics is committed to crafting a system of certified organic growing and nutrients media that is good for plants and the planet.