Balance Bundle: 10 gallons of Organic Cloud 9 Premium Potting Soil, and Soil Balance Pro.

36.0 lb
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Soil and Amendment Bundle! 

Cloud 9 Organic Premium Potting Soil 
  • SEEDLING SOIL & HYDROPONIC GROWING: Good Earth Organics Cloud 9 Premium Potting Soil is ready to use with very fast drainage, making it ideal for planting seeds and plants that are liquid fed. This seed starter soil is great for rapid root development.

  • INERT BLEND FOR COMPLETE CONTROL: Cloud 9 potting soil is the best choice for seed starts and for growers who wish to completely control their feeding regimen or blend their own custom soil mix. This premium, organic soil ensures the effective delivery of nutrients for strong root foundations.

  • ORGANIC & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Cloud 9 contains only low salt coconut coir, sphagnum peat moss and perlite at a pH of 5.8 to 6.2. The coir and peat moss promotes growth by creating small pockets of oxygen for roots to access and works with the perlite to allow drainage during watering.

  • APPROVED FOR ORGANIC GROWING: All Good Earth Organics premium potting soils are made in the USA and contain no additives, proving them great for use in organic growing. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed and Clean Green Certified.


Soil Balance Pro 

A 62 strain microbe tea concentrate made by Kind Roots, Inc. 

Soil Balance Pro is a groundbreaking bio technology that creates a regenerative community of beneficial bacteria in concentrations that are magnitudes higher than the natural ecosystem, acting as a tool helping farmers, gardeners, and growers to cultivate within the art of sustainability.

Soil Balance Pro improves plant and commodity health, yields and most important, exponentially high nutrient density and quality enhancement. The future of nutrient-dense flavorful food is plant probiotics! 

  • Listed with OMRI for Organic use.
  • 10 Grams = 100 Gallons of microbe tea concentrate
  • University verified to increase yields by a min of 20%.
  • Soil Balance Pro contains 46,300,000,000 microbes in one gram of powder, containing more microbes and strains than any other plant probiotic product in the world!