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Born from a Passion for Plants

Roy Leon knelt in his garden rubbing a new green leaf between his fingertips. Other than sunshine, air, and water, everything in that leaf came from the soil he was kneeling on. A career as a chemist and a passion for organic farming started him thinking that he could build a better soil – the perfect soil – airy enough to allow roots to easily grow and with the right balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for a plant to thrive.

Roy sought out organic nutrients from around the world – coco coir from Sri Lanka, seabird guano from Peru, bat guano from Vietnam, and more than a dozen other ingredients that provided the right nutrients for different stages of plant growth. From this vision, the family of Good Earth Organics soils was born.

Since 2008 plants grown in Good Earth Organics' soils have been lush, bountiful, and delicious.

The company grew quickly as many growers took intense pride in their crops and sought the best available soils and amendments.  When Roy was ready to retire in 2016, he sold the business to Tim Clark, who shared his passion for clean, living soil and who had a vision to bring Good Earth Organics products to growers everywhere in the U.S. looking for a consistent, organic soil.

GEO Today

Today, Good Earth Organics serves thousands of growers from our home in the Emerald Triangle region of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Visit us in Cave Junction and Grants Pass for all you soil needs.

We also welcome wholesale buyers.

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