Beau Rillo | Leap Farms
To produce the very best plants...you have to seek out the very best starting materials and that starts with the soil.

Gaia's Gift

Having to not feed for 6+ weeks while developing a living soil, and then only having to 'topdress' and add a little compost to feed the soil, made for amazingly healthy, lush, and more flavorful plants, while keeping costs very low. Now that we know we have a quality base we can recycle 2/3rd's for a few years and still maintain its performance and integrity. We gained all of this from just one decision, and that was to try GEO.

Craig Martin | Executive Producer Oregon Rooted Media

Will Feethum | Ag Consultant
One reason I'm so impressed with the Gaia's Gift is that despite the fact that we have such shallow soil, the plants are really healthy and thriving.