The US Organic Potting Soil market is expected to exceed $3.3 Billion by 2025! Become part of our growth as a GEO Investor with SeedInvest.


Why Good Earth Organics?

Since 2008 Good Earth Organics has been the trusted organic soil and amendment choice in the Emerald Triangle, for growers and gardeners seeking the biggest yields and the purest plants.

We apply a best practice approach to everything we do -- from customer service to our commitment to being a natural and eco-friendly company.  We treat customers like partners and want to help you succeed, whether you have a 100-acre farm or a micro-business. 

Organic Certification

Our living soils are carefully blended from the finest organic and natural ingredients, sourced from around the globe. 

We are proud to have earned organic certifications from both OMRI and Clean Green, independent certifiers who test and approve soils for organic growing.

On-Site Production

Our on-site production facilities test, blend, package, and distribute a variety of proprietary, organic potting soils and soil amendments.  Soils are available as palletized 10 gallon bags (56 per pallet), one (1) and two (2) yard totes, and truck loads of any size.  We can arrange for delivery or pickup from our locations in Cave Junction and Grants Pass.  We can also accommodate custom blends.

Registered Reseller

Some or all of our products are registered for resale in AZ, CA, FL, ID, MT, OK, OR, NJ, NM, NV, NY, UT, WA with many other state registrations in process and/or awaiting approval.

For more information about how to become a reseller, please click below.

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GEO Webinar

Oklahoma is ready to take the Cannabis world by storm. We recently got back from Canna Con South in Oklahoma City and we are excited to talk about it! We will be discussing new growers, big Ag, living soil, and how it all ties into a booming cannabis industry.

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