Balance Bundle: 10g GEO Premium Soil + 1gm Soil Balance Pro!

36.0 lb

GEO Soil + Soil Balance Probiotic Tea Concentrate - Free shipping in the US!

Choose a 10-gallon bag of CLOUD 9, GAIA'S GIFT, or ZEN BLEND
  • ALL GEO premium potting soils are crafted in the Emerald Triangle growing region of southern Oregon and contain no additives, making them great for use in organic growing. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed and Clean Green Certified.

Pair with 1 gram of Soil Balance Pro 

A 62 strain microbe tea concentrate made by Kind Roots, Inc. 

Soil Balance Pro is groundbreaking biotechnology that creates a regenerative community of beneficial bacteria in concentrations that are magnitudes higher than the natural ecosystem.  

Soil Balance Pro improves plant and health, increases yield, and most importantly, delivers exponentially high nutrient density and quality enhancement. 

Listed with OMRI for Organic use.

Application Rates

  • 1 Gram = 10 Gallons of microbe tea concentrate.
  • 10 Grams = 100 Gallons of microbe tea concentrate.
  • University verified to increase yields by a min of 20%.
  • Soil Balance Pro contains 46,300,000,000 microbes in one gram of powder, containing more microbes and strains than any other plant probiotic product in the world.

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