Pro Tote: 1-Yard Good Earth Organics Premium Organic Potting Soil


1-Yard Tote (27 cu. ft.) - Free shipping to most US destinations! Contact us for local delivery or pick-up.

Your choice of GEO Certified Organic Potting Soil

Cloud 9 | Coco, Peat, Perlite

The best choice for growers who wish to completely control their feeding regimen or blend their own custom soil mix. Great for seeds, starts, hydroponics, and homegrown plants, such as tomatoes and lettuce.

Gaia's Gift | NPK (.50 - .33 - .52)

Gaia’s Gift premium base ingredients contain the highest NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) assortment of all our products. An ideal soil for heavy-feeding, mature plants such as tomatoes, hops, and leafy greens.

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21)

Our most versatile blend, Zen Blend is adaptable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing environments. This light, fast-draining mix is safe for cuttings and seedlings and optimal for gardeners who prefer to tailor their own fertilizing regimen.

MADE IN THE USA AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC: All GEO premium potting soils are crafted in the Emerald Triangle growing region of southern Oregon and contain no additives, making them great for use in organic growing. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed and Clean Green Certified.

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