Zen Blend | NPK (.20 - .12 - .21) Premium Organic Potting Soil Tote

Size: 1 yard tote

Zen Blend |  NPK (.20 - .12 - .21)

Versatile blend adaptable to all growing environments.

A Tote is a one yard (27 cubic feet) bulk bag of soil.

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  • ORGANIC POTTING SOIL: Start and develop your plant in our Zen Blend all purpose soil to promote purity and higher quality plant growth. Use this premium, organic potting soil for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • VERSATILE FORMULA ADAPTABLE FOR ALL GROWING ENVIRONMENTS: Zen Blend is our most versatile blend and adaptable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse growing environments. This light, fast-draining mix is safe for cuttings and seedlings and optimal for gardeners who prefer to tailor their own fertilizing regimen.
  • PROMOTES RAPID ROOT DEVELOPMENT: With extra perlite and low-salt coconut coir, Zen Blend soil promotes rapid root development in young plants, with increased air porosity. This soil works best for seedlings, seeds and starts to ensure a healthy strong root base that develops quickly, and works especially well for tomatoes and leafy greens. This soil provides the grower with peace of mind knowing plants will thrive until needing to be fed!
  • ORGANIC & NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our Zen Blend potting mix is formulated with low-salt coconut coir, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, pumice, compost, worm castings, alfalfa meal, and other organic ingredients designed to increase plant performance, helping to boost quality and yields. pH adjusted from 5.8 to 6.4.
  • APPROVED FOR ORGANIC GROWING: All Good Earth Organics premium potting soils are made in the USA and contain no additives, proving them great for use in organic growing. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed and Clean Green Certified.

Shipped on a truck bed. Unloading with a forklift is necessary. Liftgate service available upon request for an additional cost.